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Mr. & Mrs. Guidry

Congrats goes out to the newly weds, Matthew & Brittany! We enjoyed capturing their beautiful wedding in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Brittany's favorite part of the day was seeing Matthew for the first time and having fun at the reception. Brittany said that she never felt rushed at any time during her wedding day. Many things go into that. It is so great to plan, but over-planning your wedding day can take all the fun out of your big day! Why??? (you might ask) One reason, is because you don't want to be overly focused on what's coming next. Just enjoy the day as it happens. Enjoy the planned events along with the surprises. Many times the surprises are the most memorable parts of the day. :) Also, being around so many people you care about are what makes the wedding so special. So enjoy the people experiencing the same things you are. Many times they are crying and laughing with you on your wedding day. So enjoy the day together as one big happy family. Getting back to planning, it is great to plan in advance when your hair and make-up is done, when you will be picked up for the ceremony, what family pictures you want, and when you will take the family pictures, but never be so caught up in looking at the planner, that you miss all the beautiful moments happening right in front of you. Not being planned at all, or being indecisive, can be an awful experience on your wedding day though. Its nice to have a general timeline so you have a general idea of what and when things will happen, but those schedules should be flexible to allow the unexpected to happen. Many times the unexpected leads to the very best somethings. :) Brittany added a few special things like a rosary and a handkerchief from relatives who passed away to her bouquet. She also added a pin of their dog to her bouquet. Everything looked great for the wedding and we were so happy to share in the love and laughter throughout the day.

Church: St. Joseph Cathedral - Thibodaux, LA

Venue: Rendezvous - Thibodaux, LA

Decor and flowers: Connie Ledet

Invitation: Amber Leblanc

Caterer: Rendezvous

Brides Dress: Stella York

Hair: Tiffany Lagarde

Makeup: Braylin Chereamie

Bridesmaid dresses: Show Me Your Mumu

Band: Snapper & the Fish Sticks

Videography: Brenner Photography & Films

Photography: Brenner Photography & Films

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