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Who's behind the Cameras?

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            I was born in the river parishes of Louisiana and I love photography and videography, but it wasn't always like this. I'm a man of many talents. First off, see our logo? The symbol in the middle of our logo is actually a musical clef. I'm previously a professional musician and the instrument that I played, (the Bassoon) plays in the tenor clef, which is the musical symbol that you see in our logo. My favorite hobbies are actually beekeeping, carpentry, and caring for my backyard chickens. I was not the one to start the photography business, but I keep things moving; handling many of the emails, calendars, and booking arrangements. I'm also the lead videographer with our company. If ever you have any questions, email us, and it will likely be me returning your email. :) Jessica was the one that first taught me photography but I was the one that later taught Jessica everything she knows about videography. We are a great team. I have a truly wonderful wife. I love her with all my heart. She makes me a better man and I love being a small part of her life. She gave me a beautiful son, and I can't imagine a world without the two of them. 

                                        ---Nathan Brenner




        We are a husband and wife photography and videography team. We have been shooting weddings professionally since 2011. Photography started as a hobby, and quickly turned into a business. I fell in love with shooting weddings after the very first one! I love capturing the small details, and the array of emotions that occurs on the wedding day. To me photography is like telling a story though images, and its so awesome capturing my clients stories, that they will look back on them, years later, and have all those memories.

I'm privileged enough to have my wonderful husband work along side me, and he has been a huge part in creating Brenner Photography & Films. 

On a personal note :)

I was born and raised in Mississippi, and in the summer of 2006 married my husband Nathan, and moved to Thibodaux, Louisiana. In 2010 I became a mother to our sweet baby boy, and I absolutely adore my little family. In our spare time we homeschool our son, and  enjoy volunteering in a bible education program for the deaf community. I also love traveling, cooking and gardening.

Well enough about me... I want to hear all about you guys!?

         -Jessica Brenner 

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